Proactive vulnerability management
for your most exposed systems

We keep a constant watch over your internet-facing systems.

Regular assessments

We regularly assess your internet-facing systems for weaknesses that hackers could exploit. We provide risk ratings for every weakness, and detailed guidance for remediation.

Email updates

When assessments are complete, you'll get an email summary of what we found, along with any changes detected since the last assessment. You don't even need to log in to the platform.


Emerging threat notifications

On average, 20 new vulnerabilities get released every day. Our daily triage process analyses them and monitors reports of exploitation activity in the wild. When we identify a vulnerability that could critically affect your systems, you'll get a notification the same day.

Low overheads

Don't spend your time managing the platform, Intruder is a proactive solution. No agents to install, no appliances to set up. Just tell us where your systems are on the internet, and we do the rest.

Monitor your performance over time

Understand how well you're coping with the rate of newly discovered vulnerabilities being released.

Meaningful reporting

Intruder is designed to give you meaningful reports showing your exposure over time. We provide carefully crafted reports designed to make the most actionable use of your data. We focus on the areas where you are weak, to help you understand where you can improve your cyber security posture.


Simple, yet powerful

We bring together and combine the most powerful tools in the industry, to provide you with peace of mind.

Banking-grade vulnerability scanning

We aren't reinventing the wheel. We use the same underlying technology as the big banks do, so you can enjoy the same level of security, but with none of the complexity.


Effortless cyber-security

Everything we do at Intruder is designed to save you time. We are here to worry about your security, so that you don't have to.

What our customers say

"Designing and building a secure system is hard. Intruder frees me and my team to focus on our product and business, safe in the knowledge that Intruder is checking for mistakes and the latest vulnerabilities. It allows me to sleep better."
Al James, CTO
"Intruder provides an important service for maintaining the defensive posture of Cyber London's web presence. It's very satisfying that one of the companies to have passed through the programme have proved so useful to us, as I'm sure they will to many others."
Alex Van Someren, Founder
"We chose Intruder for their experience and deep knowledge, and because their solution helps us identify issues much faster than we could in the past."
Mark Bradbury, CEO
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We offer a range of plans, to suit everyone from startups to large corporates.

  • Essential
  • Starting from £25 / month
  • Scheduled monthly assessments
  • Pro
  • Starting from £119 / month
  • Scheduled monthly assessments
  • Emerging threat notifications
  • Technical support available
  • Verified
  • Starting from £199 / month
  • Scheduled monthly assessments
  • Emerging threat notifications
  • Technical support available
  • Manual verification

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