We find your weaknesses, before the hackers do.
The internet is a warzone, and your systems are on the front line. Intruder provides a continuous solution that helps you identify and resolve your weaknesses.
Our service
Intruder provides continuous assurance that your company's network perimeter is secure.

Always on

Because your systems are always changing, Intruder performs frequent baseline assessments of your digital assets, to identify newly introduced weaknesses.

Hybrid approach

Expert penetration testers reduce false positives and investigate potential issues, while clever use of automation makes regular assessments possible.

Emerging threat notifications

Intruder issues notifications for newly released vulnerabilities that could be used to breach your systems.

Easy to understand

Intruder is simple to use, and we explain issues and remediation advice in clear and concise language.

Finalist - UK's Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company 2016.
Cybersecurity Startup of the Year 2016.
Intruder focuses on the real threats, all year round.

"Designing and building a secure system is hard. Intruder frees me and my team to focus on our product and business, safe in the knowledge that Intruder is checking for mistakes and the latest vulnerabilities. It allows me to sleep better."

Al James, CTO, Ometria

"We chose Intruder for their experience and deep knowledge, and because their solution helps us identify issues much faster than we could in the past."

Mark Bradbury, CEO, Apply Financial

"Intruder provides an important service for maintaining the defensive posture of Cyber London's web presence. It's very satisfying that one of the companies to have passed through the programme have proved so useful to us, as I'm sure they will to many others."

Alex Van Someren, CyLon

Our clients rely on us to silence the noise prevalent in the cyber security industry, and help them focus on the immediate threats to their business.
Our Team

Intruder was founded out of passion for improving the way that security assessments were being performed in the industry. Our team has the expertise and the commitment you need to help you secure your systems effortlessly.

Chris Wallis
Founder & CEO

Chris has worked in the cyber security industry for eight years, in a career spanning global consultancy firms, boutique penetration testing agencies and also working internally in a large financial institution which is considered part of the UK's critical national infrastructure. He has also been accredited as a CHECK Team Leader, the UK's most highly regarded qualification for a penetration tester.

David Robinson
Founder & CTO

David studied at the UK's leading academic institution for cyber security, graduating from a Masters in cyber security with a distinction. He has spent years providing penetration testing services to government as an accredited CHECK Team Leader, as well as to large financial firms and global retailers. He has numerous CVEs to his name, many of which were found in high profile enterprise products, including the Apache Web Server, SAP, Jenkins and Cisco & D-Link routers.

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