Proactive monitoring

On average 8,000 new vulnerabilities are discovered every year, more than 20 a day. Hackers now exploit these within days, not months. Intruder proactively scans you for the latest vulnerabilities, as soon as they emerge.

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Enterprise-grade security

We aren't reinventing the wheel. Our vulnerability scanner uses the same underlying scanning engine as the big banks do, so you can enjoy the same level of security, but with none of the complexity.

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Perimeter specific

Intruder interprets the results from advanced vulnerability scanners to help reduce common mistakes that increase your external attack surface, such as when databases get exposed to the internet.

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Noise reduction

You're too busy to sift through meaningless 'informational' findings. Focus on what matters. Intruder only reports issues that have a genuine impact on your security posture.

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Effortless cyber security

Everything we do at Intruder is designed to save you time, we are here to worry about your security, so you don’t have to.

Cloud Connectors

Connect to your cloud provider (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure) and automatically synchronise your external IPs and DNS hostnames. Get Slack and email notifications when IPs or hostnames are released to ensure you never scan any systems you no longer own.

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Intruder Cloud Connectors

Developer Friendly

Intruder integrates with with popular software development tools, such as Slack and Jira, to notify your team about security issues in real time and push discovered vulnerabilities to your issue tracking platform for remediation.

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Intruder Slack notifications

Network View

Keeping track of your exposed ports and services has never been simpler than with Intruder's 'Network View'. Our port scanner checks which ports are open on your perimeter so you can see how your systems look from an external perspective.

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Intruder Network View

Notifications and Reports

Receive email and Slack notifications when scans complete, and summary PDF reports emailed on a monthly basis, perfect for proving how seriously you take security to your own customers.

Intruder PDF report

Simple, yet powerful

Intruder has over 8,000 security checks available for each vulnerability scan,
including common web application issues such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.
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Configuration weaknesses

We check that no equipment or services have been configured in a way which reduces their security, such as default credentials, or weak encryption.

Application bugs

Where web applications are detected, we check that there are no application-layer vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, or Cross-Site Scripting in the unauthenticated areas.

Missing patches

Where software versions can be identified or fingerprinted, we check that the software is not missing any security patches which could leave it exposed.

False positives

Our expert team of CREST-accredited penetration testers can reduce false positives and investigate potential issues, while clever use of automation makes regular assessments possible.

For anything more complicated, such as authenticated web application testing, we also offer bespoke penetration testing consultancy. Contact us to find out more.


We offer a range of plans, to suit everyone from startups to large corporates.

  • Essential
  • $35 / month
    plus $3 per target
  • Scheduled monthly assessments
  • Checks for over 8,000 security vulnerabilities including WannaCry and Heartbleed
  • Up to 2 user accounts
  • Try it free today
  • Verified
  • Starting from $450 / month
    Billed annually, plus a per-target fee
  • Everything from our Pro Plan, plus...
  • Hybrid penetration testing helps identify issues beyond the capabilities of automated scans
  • Access to technical advice from our expert penetration testers
  • Free Cyber Essentials certification
  • PCI ASV scans available
  • Bug Bounty validation
  • Contact us for a quote
"Designing and building a secure system is hard. Intruder frees me and my team to focus on our product and business, safe in the knowledge that Intruder is checking for mistakes and the latest vulnerabilities. It allows me to sleep better."
Al James, CTO
"Intruder provides an important service for maintaining the defensive posture of Cyber London's web presence. It's very satisfying that one of the companies to have passed through the programme have proved so useful to us, as I'm sure they will to many others."
Alex Van Someren, Founder
"We chose Intruder for their experience and deep knowledge, and because their solution helps us identify issues much faster than we could in the past."
Mark Bradbury, CEO
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